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The Girl in the Night

She opened her eyes. Stars were spinning around her. A big blue spot came into sight and left again. Slow enough to see, too fast to take a closer look. The spinning made her dizzy so she closed her eyes again. It was cold out her in the emptiness of space. Not literally, as her suit was keeping her warm and would do so long after she ran out of air. But being out here all alone made her feel cold nonetheless. It was a comforting cold, the kind that’s best to fall asleep to. She softly hit a piece of debris and her spin slowed down. She was drifting more slowly now. She could see the blue spot that was Borora Z5, the toxic atmosphere looked so beautiful from up here. In the distance she could see the wrecked hulk of the spaceship. A sad sight, she had her whole life on that ship. She had to think of her childhood in the depths of the vessel and that she had never set foot on a planet. It had always been a wish of hers, to feel real gravity. Solid ground beneath her feet and maybe even fresh air. That would never happen now. A tear rolled down her cheek. Meanwhile the spacesuit was screaming warnings at her. She silenced them with a smile. Those warnings weren’t much of a help right now. She wanted to enjoy the silence. She was slowly getting sleepy, probably from the lack of oxygen. The right time to take a nap she thought. She closed her eyes and smiled.

Everything would be better after a little nap.